On Time and Onward

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA — After months of preparation, today’s the day. We fly out this evening for Copenhagen via Reykjavik for a weekend getaway before boarding a train and traversing the length of Germany to set up our new lives in Munich.

This move has been in the works for several busy months — and busier still these last few weeks — but I can’t help feel that maybe this move has been coming for a lot longer than that.

In 2006, my good friend Rich and I spent a summer touring around Europe. Even then I could recognize the difference between real travel and living the expat life, but the thought of it still tugged at my heartstrings when we’d meet up with other Americans living abroad. Before that, on my first trip abroad in 1999 as a 17 year old, I was already falling in love with experiencing the world and had dreams of making that sense of adventure a more permanent lifestyle.

So today marks the payoff of all that longing, all that dreaming. I can’t say I’m jumping into this without trepidation — it is difficult saying goodbye to loved friends and the comfortable life that we’ve built. But the the draw and anticipation of the beauty, friends and findings yet to come is just that much more powerful.

Our bags are packed. This life is on time and ready for departure.

Florence, bridge over the Arno


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