Die ersten Tage

MUNICH, GERMANY — Oh, how time flies when you’re enjoying Schnitzel…

Today already marks Day 7 of our great European escapade and it seems like we only just landed. Having arrived in Munich on Monday, we set to work figuring out the logistics in our new hometown — looking for an apartment, setting up health insurance, working out the Visa, finding a bank and — most importantly — visiting every biergarten in a 20 km radius.

Beer drinker's guide to MunichAlthough the weather hasn’t exactly cooperated (chilly, grey skies, Autumn weather), Darcy and Jakob provided us with inside intel to prepare for when the skies finally do break again. As for now, we’ve been limited to the world’s largest biergarten — the Hirshgarten — a mere two blocks from our temporary home, as well as a smattering of Munich’s finest Irish pubs — don’t ask me why everyone wants to go to Irish pubs in the world’s greatest beer city.

Munich's hirshgarten biergarten

Mackerel at the Hirshgarten

Prost, bier at the Hirshgarten

Beyond bier — if such a thing was possible — we’ve been spending our time exploring our neighborhood and figuring out the vast public trans system — U-Bahns and S-Bahns and Trams and Buses, oh mein Gott. We’ve had the great honor of spending some time with my colleagues from Pepper, some of whom I’ll be working with here as well as friends from home and Pepper’s Singapore office who flew in for meetings. Monday brings my first real day of work and a whole new adventure. But that’s for Montag…

Dinner with D+J at their neighbor’s restaurant on Tuesday was a treat. After taking a peek at their flat in Schwabing (a possible destination to find a home), we enjoyed schnitzel, flamkuchen (a type of German pizza) and arugula salad while watching Bayern FC warm up for the coming season with an overtime win over AC Milan. I have to admit, there were some Augustiners involved as well.

Munich's tram system

Munich's Rathaus and GlockenspielWe’ve also been exploring the city’s most famous sites, including the royal grounds of Schloss Nymphenburg, the Neue Rathaus with its world-famous Glockenspiel and the pedestrian zone of the Marienplatz.

Next up, the Englisher Garten and a stroll along the Isar — that is, if this damned weather breaks.

So with our feet on the ground and our steins half full, we’re on to face our second full week on the continent.

The crest of Bavaria

Molly and an Augustiner

Pauliner bier


2 thoughts on “Die ersten Tage

  1. If you enjoy fresh produce and vegetables go to the Viktualmatket just a block south of the Matienplatz, open every day, except Sundays if memory serves me right.

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