And it’s off to work we go…

MUNICH, GERMANY — We’ve now had a couple weeks to get our feet wet in Munich and although we’d like everyone to believe that our lives here are concerned with little more than biergartens and Alpine hikes — that’s not exactly the case.

MunichThere is work to be done. Nevertheless, each day feels like a mini adventure: figuring out which S-Bahn stops near the office (most, but not all), what happens when you cross an intersection during a red light (vicious stink-eyes from old Bavarians) and where to find the cheapest/most delicious Döner kebabs at lunch (jury’s still out).

And the work itself at Pepper has been fun, if fundamentally challenging at times. My group of English writers and our German counterparts get along quite well in our little word nook. However, being the last man on the totem pole and the only token American has left its mark. Among the challenges I didn’t quite expect…

  • Microsoft Word auto correct badgering me in both German (“of the Iser” becomes “oft heiser”) and British English (where the hell do these damn U’s keep coming from?)
  • Lunchroom assaults by Brits and South Africans about how Americans think American English is the global standard and why they are ‘bloody wrong’
  • Subversive German keyboards that are ever-so-slightly different than their Yankee counterparts (switching Y and Z?… reallz, is that reallz necessarz?… goddammit!)
  • 1st Floor does not mean the ground floor… get walking
  • 8.30am is a ghost town; 7.30pm a barnyard
It’s all part of the adventure, right? Right. And it’s easy to make it through the week when your commute consists of an easy 30 minute saunter through medieval streets. And with that in mind, a day in the life of your favorite expat copywriter…



S-Bahn inside


Prannerstrasse Security





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