More bier, more bergs

TIROL, AUSTRIA — Okee, so maybe I lied. Maybe a good portion of living in Munich means Alpine hikes and lazy Saturday afternoons at the biergarten. Sorry.

AlpsCase in point: last weekend we took a quick day trip out to Austria with new friends Sarah and Felix.

Only a couple hours outside of Munich, behind the veil of the Austrian Alps, we found Hintersteinersee — literally, lake behind the rocks.

On a warm August afternoon, there was nothing better than a dip in the chilly lake, with majestic Alps as your backdrop.


Beach goers


This weekend, we stayed a little closer to home, taking the S-Bahn 7 line south to the city limits to seek out one of the area’s best biergartens.

Bruckenwirt looks like a tiny Swiss chalet perched on the edge of the upstream Isar river. We spent the afternoon under the chestnut trees munching Bayernisch delicassies and drowning liters of Lowenbrau while watching the Floss — traditional Bavarian party rafts — float by. Don’t worry, already added that one to the list.Prost!

UrtypBiergartenYummyFloss on the riverFloss partyObazdaNoch ein Bier?


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