Ole, ole, oleoleole!

ALLIANZ ARENA, MUNICH, GERMANY — There are pivotal firsts in every boy’s life. His first time riding a bicycle, his first crush, his first Bavarian Champion’s League home match. It’s really the simple things that end up defining our lives.


FCB FanWell this boy checked the latter off his bucket list last week, as Jakob and I scored amazing bottom rung seats to the FC Bayern v. FC Zurich Champion’s League qualifier at the Allianz.

The game was anything but exciting, with the home team toying with the Swiss visitors to the tune of a lackluster 2-0 win. But it was the actual event that was so amazing — watching Robben curl in a far post sniper, hearing the reverberation of 70,000 fans screaming ‘Philipp LAHM’, the flares going off in the upper decks. Religious experience? Close. Repeat event? Most def.

So with the second leg touching off in Zurich tonight, I felt it was a good time to make all the footy fans at home just that much more jealous.

AllianzCousinsFlagsFCB fanFansGame onFlaresAllianz post win


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