Heigert Hochzeit in the Alpine hills

STARNBERGERSEE, BAVARIA — As Uncle Johannes so aptly put it, another chapter in Heigert German-American relations is written anew.

KircheLast Saturday the worlds of Bavaria and Midwestern America collided once again as we celebrated the marriage of Jakob and Darcy Heigert. From the tiny, sun-drenched chapel on a hill to the majestic Schloss overlooking an equally majestic lake, the setting was perfect for yet another extension of the family to experience the Germanic roots and leave a touch of America behind.

For my parents and I, it was uniquely special. Over 30 years ago, my father served as best man in Johannes’s own wedding here in Germany. Fast forward a full generation and I was honored to stand beside Jakob as a groomsman and usher in a whole new part of the Heigert story.

But the truly amazing part is just how easy it is to bring such distant branches of the family tree together–and how lucky we are to see them grow to further connect our two cultures.

Here’s wishing the best to Jakob and Darcy in their new life–and if the first day of their marriage was any sign of things to come, damn is it going to be a fun one. Prost!


Groom and best manFlowers



The coupleChurch


Onion dome




Cutting the cake

The schloss

Happy couple


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