Searching for winter: Salzburgland

GROBMING, AUSTRIA — They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I guess the same is true for the snow.

First to the topAfter record low levels of snowfall in Munich, we were on the search for the white stuff. In Bavaria, there’s only one direction to go: south. We picked a location about an hour south of Salzburg, the little village of Grobming, nestled in the northern Alps for a long weekend getaway with friends and Molly’s cousin, in town from Minnesota.

Bingo. While the rest of Europe was experiencing spring-like weather, the south facing slopes of the Alps in Italy, Austria and Slovenia were collecting the rest of the continent’s hard pack. In fact, over a 40km distance you can go from light green golf courses to snow drifts taller than your head.

We settled in for one long weekend of winter — skiing, tubing, hiking in the crisp but sunny mountain weather. Just enough chill to make you feel invigorated, but not enough to trigger hibernation.

After all, when you’re from Chicago — the ability to choose when and how you want your winter days is a novelty altogether.

Nice view Snowy Warm up Cousins Eisstockshiessen Winter light Best bier in Bavaria Das Photo Bomb On the way to Austria Dave with the good stuff HikingFuture former skiiersHi there Over Grobming High up Action shot The crew Winter sun Which way?Over the world Overseeing her domain


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