Home is everywhere

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS — No matter how many times I find myself leaving this place, I seem to always find my way back again sooner than I thought. As if there is a part of me I left there and just can’t ever seem to find.

Canal by nightIMG_0553So while we may position this as our last trip to the ‘dam during our expat days, I’m not willing to put all my chips on that call.

You read it right: our days are numbered. At least as expats. At least this time around. In September, we’ll pack up, tuck our tails between our legs (literally for Addie) and make our way home. “Dahoam is’ dahoam,” as the Bayerisch people say. Nothing beats it. Nothing except leaving for a while and finding your way back.

But where is this “home” really?

In my heart, there are many places I feel home, spread across the world.

DamChicago is HQ, my heart, my rock of course. Munich and St. Louis split the pot for second-home status. But there are little parts of me I can’t seem to collect from places like Paris, like Istanbul, like Sardinia, like Amsterdam.

So be it. If being home means returning to Chicago, it can also mean returning to these other places that my soul feels comfy.

And while I know this won’t be the last time here, it may be just enough time for that “kleines Heimweh” to set in again.

Canals IMG_0539 IMG_0549 IMG_0534 IMG_0530 IMG_0502 IMG_0501 IMG_0493 IMG_0560 IMG_0556 IMG_0568 Brouwerij T'ij IMG_0574 IMG_0576 Friends on boats

IMG_0585 IMG_0584IMG_0637 IMG_0604 IMG_0634 IMG_0688Goodnight AMSIMG_0721


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