A long look back…

MUNICH, GERMANY — Four years. Three continents. 20 countries. Countless memories. As the last dispatch of this era comes to an end, the only thing you can do is look back, remember and relive.


What a run we’ve had. Over the past four crazy, busy, challenging and amazing years, we been blessed to see and experience more things than some people see in a lifetime.

Before we left for Munich, if you’d told us what was about to unfold — that one year testing the waters abroad would turn into two, three, four — we would have never believed it. Through new challenges and promotions, engagement and enlightenment, old friends and new ones — this has been the adventure of a lifetime.

So to all those that gave us a shot, or supported us at home or abroad, or simply joined in on the festivities, a very heartfelt Vielen Dank from Molly, Addie and me.

So as we step into a new chapter of our lives, we just wanted to take a minute to share one again some of the most wonderful memories from a life well lived abroad.


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